How Online Gaming Has Evolved – Part 1

Everybody knows the success of online gaming in today’s cyber world, the ease of playing your favourite casino or arcade game from the comfort of your own home has bought billions of dollars into what is rapidly becoming a mature online gaming market. But how did it all start? What were the origins of this now highly familiar pastime?

The History of Gaming

Gaming actually first started in the 1950’s, but obviously was hindered by the technology at the time. Mobile technology revolutionised the industry and a whole new market was found. Online gaming is now one of the prerequisites of choosing a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Savvy gamers now want high spec graphics cards and super sound headsets. It is estimated in 2017 that there is over 40% of the US population that are gamers, and 20 of all US households have a console.

The First Games

Although there were rough prototypes on mainframe computers to test the actual computers themselves, the first real appearance of a computer game was at the World’s Fair in 1940 when the Nimtron computer offered a math game called NIM. In the 1960’s fledgling games like Spacewar, Periscope and Crown Special Soccer were released by Sega and Taito.

Home Sharing & The Internet

There were three major technological innovations that took place in the forty years from 1960.  Host-based networks and time sharing gave birth to the foundations of today’s Internet. All three developments were rapidly developed by the gaming producers, and by utilising host based networks to form the Internet they had an ideal platform for numerous players being able to play the games at the same time.

The 1970’s

In the 70’s we see the growth of the actual games themselves into a more complex, multi layered type game such as Dungeons & Dragons which was the first really role-playing game. 1975 bought the release of joystick arcade games such as Gunfight, and in 1977 the Atari VCS is released to the market which was the first cartridge game.

The 1980’s

It was in the 1980’s that gaming was becoming so popular, dedicated games magazines and periodicals were starting to be produced. Computer gaming world and computer and video games were run and published by gamers for the gaming community. And in 1982 the Time magazine declared that the world had now hit “The Year Of The Computer”. And a year later on the 1st of January the Internet was created and online gaming starts. Computers now started to have graphics capabilities, and at the back end of 1989, IP Multicast is developed and it is now possible to play games over the Internet.

The 1990’s

The mid-nineties “Doom” was released and was instantly a massive success. The major manufacturers at the time Sega, Nintendo and Atari were trying desperately to push online gaming technology. In 1994 the RPG movement occurred and Warcraft was developed, which then went on to become one of the biggest online gaming franchises.

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